At Shockwave Canada, we’re immensely proud of our association with Storz Medical. Their industry-leading research, high-quality machines, technological innovations, and long-standing reputation makes them one of the foremost authorities in the world of shockwave therapy.

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Storz Medical – A History

Storz Medical AG was founded in 1987, but its roots go back much further.

Dr. Karl Storz laid the foundation for the modern Storz in 1945 in Tuttlingen, a southern Germany town. In 1970, the first ultrasound lithotripter was seen worldwide for treating urinary stones. In 1987, Storz Medical was formed to develop an extracorporeal (ESWT) shockwave lithotripter and later that year Storz Medical AG was established in Switzerland.

In 1988, Storz applied for a patent for the electromagnetic cylindrical source and introduced the prototype of the first modular lithotripter, the MODULITH® SL10.

From there, Storz did not slow down, going on to develop non-invasive solutions for urgent therapeutic conditions in urology, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedic pain treatment, and more.

Innovative Research 


From the first treatment of kidney stones, Storz has continued to explore the field of urology using non-invasive shockwave therapy. This includes personalized kidney stone management, which makes it possible to tailor urolithiasis treatment to each patient’s specific requirements and needs.

It also includes the treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), Peyronie’s disease, and erectile dysfunction (ED) of vascular origin.

According to Storz, extracorporeal shockwave therapy has been used for the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction since 2010. During treatment, low-intensity shockwaves are applied to different areas of the penis. This stimulates the creation of new blood vessels in the cavernous bodies and improves blood flow in the penis (and the ability to achieve an erection). 


Since 1992, Storz Medical has used shockwave systems to treat orthopaedic conditions. The first indication treated was pseudarthrosis, but over the years the scope has widened considerably.

Today, Storz offers focused, planar, and radial shockwave systems that treat indications such as myofascial trigger points, insertional tendonitis, delayed wound healing, and much more.

The MASTERPULS® line is one of the most successful ESWT systems worldwide today


Storz was the first company worldwide to successfully change the physical properties of shockwaves to enable their effective use in aesthetic treatments, such as anti-cellulite therapy and body shaping.

Their acoustic wave therapy technology has been proven to improve facial skin texture, pores, and wrinkles, as well as improve cellulite appearance and reduce body circumference.


While Storz started out developing shockwave therapy for humans, their roster has expanded to include other mammals.

Shockwave systems for veterinary medicine maximize mobility (particularly in large mammals, such as horses and dogs), have low capital and maintenance costs, improve performance (shockwave therapy for horses is so effective at boosting performance it has been banned from some racetracks), and more.

Whether working with large or small animals, Storz shockwave technology is recognized for treating acute and chronic diseases, inflammations and pain relief.

Where to Find Storz Medical Shockwave Devices

Storz Medical operates worldwide. In Canada, the MASTERPULS® Ultra series is available through Shockwave Canada, an authorized distributor.

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