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Shockwave Therapy For Muscle Injuries

When it comes to muscle injuries, shockwave therapy provides effective pain relief and helps restore mobility. By sending low-frequency acoustic shock waves to injured muscles, the therapy helps accelerate the healing process when it comes to injuries such as hamstring injuries.

Studies show that shockwave therapy stimulates the regeneration of damaged tendons and accelerates healing processes.
Storz Medical’s MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50, MP100, and MP200 and MASTERPULS® ONE machines, available at Shockwave Canada, shockwave therapy can be used to treat different types of muscle and tendon injuries.

Storz Medical’s patented V-ACTOR® vibration technology, is a useful option available to enhance and facilitate the treatment of large muscle areas. The V-Actor is also excellent in the treatment of myofascial conditions.

Additionally, the SPINE-ACTOR® transmitter heads are perfect for the treatment of paravertebral muscles. Deleted balance of paragraph,