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Storz Medical

A Leader in the World of Shockwave Technology


Established in 1987, Storz Medical AG is an independent partner company of the KARL STORZ Group, an enterprise that has been an industry leader, since 1945, when it comes to research and innovation in the field of medicine.

Storz Medical has developed innovative shockwave systems that meet the highest standards of precision and are heavily relied upon by medical professionals across the world.

The company has revolutionized the treatment of many therapeutic problems in urology, cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics by developing effective, non-invasive treatments.

History of Stortz

Over the years, Storz Medical has led the research and development in the field of shockwave therapy. A number of technical innovations in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy – all protected by patents – have been attributed to Storz Medical.

Some of the key milestones include:


At Storz Medical, the objective is to continuously improve shockwave technology, develop new system concepts, and identify new therapy indications.

While the journey began with urology, over time the wide spectrum of possibilities and the unique benefits, offered by Storz Medical shockwave machines, have been extended to other medical disciplines.

Today, the organization works closely with researchers and leading medical institutes to facilitate research and innovation in cardiology, orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation medicine, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and veterinary medicine.

Research and Development

The industry-leading research, high-quality machines, technological innovations, and long-standing reputation makes Storz Medical one of the foremost authorities in the world of shockwave therapy.

From the first treatment of kidney stones, Storz has continued to explore the field of urology using non-invasive shockwave therapy. This includes personalized kidney stone management, which makes it possible to tailor urolithiasis treatment to each patient’s specific requirements and needs.

Over the years, these non-invasive therapies have been extended to other medical disciplines. For instance, Storz Medical was the first company, in the world, to successfully change the physical properties of shockwaves to enable their effective use in aesthetic treatments.

Today, Storz Medical’s MASTERPULS® line is one of the most successful ESWT systems in the world that treats a broad range of indications.

Competitive Value

Storz Medical is considered a pioneer in the field of shockwave therapy. Their industry-leading research and advanced machines have enabled practitioners, across the world, to not only provide the absolute best care to their patients but also increase their revenues by offering more therapies using the same machines.

  • Backed by years of research
  • Highly reliable
  • Training and educational support available
  • Easy on the hands
  • Low maintenance costs

Which Storz Shockwave Therapy Machine
is Best Suited to You?

SPARROW™ Handpiece
FALCON™ Handpiece (all control elements integrated in handpiece)
Customizable Operation
Integrated Compressor
Vibration therapy compatible.
Exclusive VACU-Cup access.
VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy.
VACU-Cups for vacuum therapy.
VACU-ACTOR® technology
Optional: Vibration therapy (V-ACTOR®).
Optional: Multiple transmitter heads.
Optional: 10″ touchscreen.
Optional: V-ACTOR® handpiece.
Maximum Strength
2.7 bars
4.0 bars
5.0 bars
5.0 bars