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A Simple yet Sophisticated Shockwave Machine

The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 is Our Smallest Full-scale Shockwave Machine

At 9.5 kg, the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 is our smallest full-scale shockwave machine. This shockwave machine features a compact design and low capital expenditure.

The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 is a small but powerful radial shockwave machine that treats major joints and soft tissue injuries alike. The only product of its kind on the market, the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 is the perfect non-invasive shockwave machine for your practice.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions without touch screen (W x H x D): 426 x 144 x 340 mm.
  • Weight: 9.5 kg.
  • Integrated compressor.
  • Pressure: max. 4 bar eff, frequency: 1 – 17 Hz (depending on pressure).
  • Optional: V-Actor Vibration Hand piece 1 – 21 Hz.
  • Optional: 10” touch screen.

MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 Benefits

  • Exclusive handpiece control technology.
  • Mobile.
  • Easy on your hands – does not cause stress to your body.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Offers safety controls.
  • Customizable operation.
  • Vibration therapy compatible.
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Exclusive Storz handpieces – controls at your fingertips for the safest experience

  • The handpiece provides maximum practitioner and patient safety. Change
    settings without taking your eyes off of the patient.
  • Our technology provides the easiest and most efficient user experience.
  • Handpiece ergonomics allows for uninterrupted use.

Which Storz Shockwave Therapy Machine
is Best Suited to You?

SPARROW™ Handpiece
FALCON™ Handpiece (all control elements integrated in handpiece)
Customizable Operation
Integrated Compressor
Vibration therapy compatible.
Exclusive VACU-Cup access.
VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy.
VACU-Cups for vacuum therapy.
VACU-ACTOR® technology
Optional: Vibration therapy (V-ACTOR®).
Optional: Multiple transmitter heads.
Optional: 10″ touchscreen.
Optional: V-ACTOR® handpiece.
Maximum Strength
2.7 bars
4.0 bars
5.0 bars
5.0 bars

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The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 Brochure

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What the Medical Community Has to Say

Shockwave Review Dr. Randy Kobayashi

Dr. Randy Kobayashi, D.C.

Lake Country Chiropractic

It’s been nearly 4 years since I leased the Storz Medical Masterpuls MP50 Radial Shockwave unit from you.

I’ve treated patients with; medial and lateral epicondylitis, adhesive capsulitis, calcific tendonitis of the elbow and shoulder, several different Achilles tendonopathies, plantar fasciitis, hallux rigidus, 5th metatarsal head stress fractures, Morton’s neuromas, hip bursitis, trigger points, scar tissue in the hands, feet, back, legs and hips.

As we all know certain cases do stand out; a patient who was referred to our office was scheduled for surgical intervention of a right Frozen Shoulder of 2 ½ years duration.  After 3 sessions she began to improve and had full range of motion before her scheduled surgery. The surgeon’s office didn’t believe that she no longer required the surgery and insisted she be examined only to find out she had full pain free ROM.

A patient told me he hadn’t played golf for over 2 years because he could only walk very short distances due to Achilles tendonitis. When he returned for his 2nd treatment 1 week later the tendonitis had shrunk from the width of a golf ball down to the size of a  marble and he could walk pain free all day.

From the scientific literature we know that overall, Radial Shockwave Therapy has excellent results but combined with Chiropractic care I can easily say that in our office we have experienced well over a 90% success rate. So obviously my practice has benefitted significantly having better results more quickly by integrating RSWT into my practice. I would recommend that all Chiropractors have one of these machines in their office.

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