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Shockwave Vibration Therapy

Shockwave vibration therapy is a very useful therapy that helps improve circulation, increase bone density and muscle mass as well as reduce joint pain and stress. It also helps to boost metabolism. Vibration therapy can be administered locally at the site of an injury or issue or throughout the whole body.

Did you know: Vibration therapy gained popularity initially as a way to help astronauts strengthen bone mass and muscles and it continues to be a relied upon therapy used by NASA today?

Localized shockwave vibration therapy is delivered by using the handheld shockwave device on the areas of the body that you are treating. The vibrations are transmitted into the patient’s body through the shockwave device which causes the muscles to contract and relax.

The direction and intensity of the vibrations impact the patient’s results. Does Shockwave produce vibrations that go up and down, front and back? Or just vertical?

The vibrations cause the patient’s body to begin producing more of a type of cell that produces bone, osteoblasts.

What Conditions Does Vibration Therapy Treat?

  • Osteoporosis,
  • Sarcopenia,
  • Obesity, high BMI, and diabetes,
  • Anxiety disorders associated with high-stress levels,
  • Chronic back pain,
  • Balance and coordination disorders,
  • Hypoxia, prehypertension, and hypertension,
  • And more.