Whether you are a chiropractor or a chiropractic patient, shockwave therapy offers plenty of benefits as an effective injury treatment method.

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment method with no side effects to patients. It also helps accelerate the body’s natural healing process to reduce the introduction of foreign substances such as anesthesia and medication.

That’s not all the benefits of shockwave therapy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons why shockwave therapy is an ideal treatment method for chiropractic care.

It Works

Shockwave therapy treats several conditions such as plantar fasciitis, calcific tendonitis, runner’s knee, chronic back pain, arthritis, and more. It provides fast results and penetrates deeper than methods such as ultrasound to heal even non-unions and stress fractures.

There have been several scientific studies that provide evidence of the success rate of shockwave therapy. Some of these results include:

  • 91% improvement for calcific tendonitis of the shoulder
  • 85% improvement for chronic pain
  • 84% improvement for plantar fasciitis
  • 76% improvement for Achilles tendinopathy

In addition, according to Dr. Randy Kobayashi of Lake Country Chiropractic, a patient was scheduled for surgical intervention for a right frozen shoulder but began showing improvement after three sessions of shockwave therapy and no longer required the surgery.

It is Easy to Use 

Shockwave therapy machines are designed to provide practitioners with ultimate ease of use to reduce the strain of providing care to patients.

For example, the MASTURPULS® ONE machine is lightweight and fully compact which makes it the perfect machine to move around and provide home visits.

In addition, the primary controls of machines such as the MASTURPULS® Ultra MP50 are on the handpiece. This makes it easy for chiropractic practitioners to change treatment settings without interrupting the care or taking their eyes off the patients.

Customize the Treatment

The variety of shockwave therapy machines on the market offers chiropractic practitioners with add-ons to enhance treatment of specific conditions to further improve the effectiveness as a long-term solution to injury treatment.

For example, the MASTURPULS® Ultra MP200 offers exclusive VACU-cup access for cupping therapy, has optional multiple transmitter heads to target different areas of the body, and offers optional vibration therapy.

As a chiropractic practitioner, shockwave therapy can be an effective treatment for the long-term improvement of your patients. Contact us today to request a demo by calling 1 (888) 741-SHOC(7462) or visiting https://shockwavecanada.com/.