Dr. Lawrence Micheli, DC, ART, FDM, is a chiropractor working in a sports medicine clinic in downtown Toronto and Mississauga. He has been using shockwave therapy in his practice for about 12 years. He recently shared his experience with us.

“Initially we used [shockwave] primarily on the different enthesopathies of tendon injuries, and we had pretty great results,” Dr. Micheli told us.

“And then over the last several years, the use of shockwave for various myofascial injuries has really just changed the way that we work in our office. The outcomes have been significantly better. And for us, anything that’s going to get people better, faster is definitely something that we want to integrate into our practice.”

When he first started using shockwave therapy, Dr. Micheli quickly discovered the wide range of treatment uses in his practice.

“Initially when we first started using shockwave it was so new and so different that we used it on calcific tendinopathies,” he said.

“We used it on lateral epicondylopathy, patellar tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis.”

Across the board, Dr. Micheli was wowed by the results — and so were his patients.

“It just got people better, faster,” he said.

“And for us, that was huge. And for our patients, it’s even more important because they can’t afford to be out of work, and they can’t afford to be away from their sports.”

Today, shockwave continues to be a vital part of Dr. Micheli’s practice.

“For us, I don’t know if we can have a practice without shockwave,” Dr. Micheli said. “It’s just awesome.”

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