Shockwave therapy has been around since 1980, but the medical equipment through which shockwave is delivered can vary. Doctors and clinical owners must know about the equipment that is versatile, cost-effective, and highly profitable to use. Shockwave Canada is the exclusive distributor of the Storz Masterpuls series (MP50, MP100, MP200) in Canada.

The series is known for its effectiveness in treating high-end injuries such as plantar fasciitis, jumper’s knee, hamstring pain, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, back pain, and much more. This is because the Masterpuls series is made with the patient’s body and doctors’ needs in mind. With Masterpuls’ ergonomic design, doctors can deliver shocks directly to the area of need for more precise outcomes. However, each Masterpuls series is slightly different than the others and may vary according to the needs. Below is an overview of the three Masterpuls devices and their unique features.

1.  Handpieces and Control Elements

Included: MP50, MP100, and MP200

Every condition can be different than the other. This is why the Masterpuls series comes with FALCON™ Handpiece, which provides a convenient solution for practitioners who prioritize ease of use and want to deliver precise shockwaves on specific areas. Doctors can access all control elements within their handpiece and streamline their process of delivering shockwaves.

2.  Optional Features

Included: MP50, MP100, and MP200

For those seeking additional therapeutic options, the V-ACTOR® handpiece is available as an optional feature. Also, the 10″ touchscreen is an optional upgrade and provides a user-friendly interface for improved control and monitoring. You can also use multiple transmitter heads to tailor treatments to the specific needs of each patient.

3.  Advanced Therapy Options

Included: MP200 only

The devices are compatible with vibration therapy, which provides practitioners with an additional treatment modality. VACU-Cup Access and VACU-ACTOR® Vacuum Therapy improves the therapeutic options available to practitioners and allows for an additional treatment approach.

Which One Is Ideal for Your Needs?

The choice of finding the right Masterpuls device can depend on your needs. MP50 is known for its lightweight and compact design for clients with space constraints. MP100 offers more power and mobility and is preferred by practitioners who need a portability and functional machine. MP200 has the maximum power and is designed with cupping technology for advanced applications. MP50 has a 4.0 bar pressure, while MP100 and 200 have a 5.0 bar pressure.

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