Football is an explosive sport with lots of contact at high speeds. One study published in the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation used data from the NFL and calculated that nearly 70 per cent of players may be injured in a season.

Shockwave therapy is a breakthrough solution for common football injuries and treatment. By targeting an affected area with acoustic pressure waves, shockwave therapy enhances metabolism and circulation, stimulating the cells responsible for healing damaged bone and tissue.

Here are some common football-related conditions that shockwave therapy can treat.

ACL Reconstruction

Due to the aggressive pivoting and cutting motions players often make in a game, knee injuries, particularly a ruptured ACL, are the most common in football. ACL reconstruction surgery is performed by using a graft either taken from the patellar tendon, the hamstring tendons, or the quadriceps tendon. It can take up to a year for athletes to return to activity following surgery.

A study published in the Journal of Surgical Research demonstrated that shockwave therapy can improve ACL reconstruction. Fifty-three patients who underwent single-bundle hamstring autograph ACL reconstruction were randomly divided into two groups. Both groups received the same rehabilitation postoperatively, while one group received shockwave therapy as a supplement.

Researchers concluded shockwave therapy significantly improved the Lysholm score and decreased the middle 1/3 tibia tunnel enlargement.

Fractures and Nonunions

Fractures are common in football because it is such a high-impact sport. Shockwave therapy is very effective in treating nonunions when the body struggles to heal a fracture on its own.

One study looked at 56 patients with 58 tibial nonunions who received shockwave therapy. After six months, 88.5 per cent of patients saw complete bone healing regardless of any underlying pathology. Researchers concluded that shockwave therapy “should be considered the treatment of first choice” for tibial nonunions.

Low-Back Pain

Many football players complain of low-back pain due to overuse. Supplementing an exercise program with shockwave therapy has been clinically proven to relieve chronic low-back pain.

A study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science divided a group of 28 patients with chronic low-back pain into two groups. Both groups performed an exercise program, while one group received shockwave therapy and the other conservative physical therapy.

The shockwave group experienced greater pain relief and showed greater improvements in dynamic balance ability.

Shockwave Therapy for Common Football Injuries and Treatment

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