The Canadian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons estimates that up to 30% of the population suffers from TMJ disorders. This consists of pain or dysfunction in the jaw joints and chewing muscles, which causes issues including limited mouth opening, jaw locking, and clicking in the joint.

Many patients respond well to physical therapy for TMJ disorders in combination with medications and bite splints. However, patients who don’t see an improvement in symptoms following conservative treatment require surgery, injecting medication into the joint or muscles, or even replacement of the entire joint.

For patients who haven’t responded to conservative treatments but aren’t ready for more invasive options, shockwave therapy is an ideal solution.

Shockwave Therapy and Physical Therapy for TMJ

Shockwave therapy is used by physiotherapists, orthopedics, and many other healthcare professionals to treat a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. Using a handheld device, practitioners can target affected areas with acoustic pressure waves that stimulate cells responsible for healing damaged tissue or bone. As a result, shockwave therapy can treat conditions like TMJ disorders without drugs or surgery.

A study recently published in Applied Sciences analyzed the effectiveness of combining shockwave therapy and physical therapy for TMJ disorders.

Patients were randomly assigned to two groups. Both groups received physical therapy, while the experimental group received shockwave therapy and the control group received sham shockwave therapy. Researchers used a visual analog scale to measure pain in addition to surface electromyography evaluation of the anterior temporalis and the masseter muscles to measure muscle activity and function.

The experimental group saw a statistically significant reduction in pain and significant improvements in muscle activity and performance. Moreover, no dropouts or side effects were recorded.

Researchers concluded that shockwave therapy combined with physical therapy for TMJ disorders was effective in reducing pain and improving function.

How to Leverage Shockwave Therapy

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