The MASTERPULS® line from Storz Medical is unique because of its compact dimensions, high reliability, and low maintenance costs.

While the entire range of machines has been designed to enable you to provide quick and effective treatment to your patients, the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 goes one step ahead.

It is the ultimate machine for comprehensive patient care.

What makes MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 truly special is that it offers more capabilities than any other shockwave therapy device –  it brings cupping therapy, shockwave therapy, and vibration therapy together in one device.

Its FALCON® handpiece features an Active-tip-control display and has all important control elements integrated into it. This means that frequency and energy levels can be adjusted directly via selector buttons.

Additionally, the FALCON® handpiece, for the first time, extends the energy range to clearly below 1 bareff. This makes the treatment even more comfortable for the patients and can open up new indications for radial pressure wave therapy.

MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 also enables you to provide cupping therapy to your patients. Its compressor generates vacuum and creates strong mechanical stress on the enclosed tissue which is sucked into the VACU-Cup. This helps in muscle and tissue relaxation as well as addressing pain points.

VACU-Cups are available in the following sizes:

  • XS: Small, localized areas
  • S: Extremities/cervical spine
  • M: Extremities/thoracic/lumbar spine
  • L: Large areas of the body (gluteal area, thigh, calf)

To sum it up, here are some of the benefits MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 can bring to your practice:


The only shockwave device worldwide with the ability to provide cupping therapy, shockwave therapy, and vibration therapy all in one device.

Saves Your Hands

Enables you to perform radial pressure wave therapy multiple times per day without causing stress to your body.

Vibration Therapy Compatible

The machine is compatible with the exclusive Storz Medical vibration therapy (VACU-ACTOR®) system.

Provides Exclusive Vacu-Cup Access

It is the only shockwave therapy machine designed to work with the exclusive VACU-Cups for cupping therapy.

Gives the Ability to Customize Operations

The frequency, energy levels, and the number of shocks applied can all be adjusted directly via selector buttons.

In addition to these benefits, purchasing a Storz Medical shockwave device enables you to get access to the exclusive ICE shock wave information portal which provides you instant access to up-to-date information on all fields of pressure wave therapy.

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