Introducing the MASTERPULS® ONE… the brand-new, portable shockwave therapy machine from Storz Medical that is a must-have for your clinic.

Released in 2019, the MASTERPULS® ONE offers an affordable entry point, flexible size for easy transportation, and the same power and effectiveness you receive from other shockwave machines. It’s high quality, high outcome without the bells and whistles.

What exactly makes the MPONE so great? Read on…

Affordable Entry Point for Your Practice

If you haven’t tried out shockwave therapy at your practice yet, the MPONE is a great starting point.

That’s because it’s our most economical machine yet. It comes at a lower price point than our bigger shockwave devices, but without sacrificing the power and capabilities. If you decide to lease instead of buy the machine, the cost is even more affordable.

Already own a shockwave machine? The MPONE may still be for you. Because it’s so portable, it can complement your other therapies. Read on for ideas about how to incorporate it into your practice.

The Most Portable Shockwave Device Yet

The MPONE is our lightest shockwave therapy machine on the market. Weighing in at only 9.8kgs (about 21lbs), it’s easy to take with you on-the-go.

This opens up a world of possibilities. Athletic trainers could take the MPONE onto the field with them for practices and matches. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists could take the machine with them for home visits. You could even rent it out to patients at your practice for home use.

It’s also particularly useful for veterinarians who use shockwave therapy for horses or large dogs.

With flexibility like this, the world of shockwave therapy is at your fingertips — just like the handheld controls on the MPONE!

High Quality, High Outcome

While it comes in a smaller package, when you choose the MPONE you don’t sacrifice quality — or power.

The MPONE offers six energy levels from six-to-18 Hz at max. 2.7 bareff. In comparison, the next model up — the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50 — offers energy levels from one-to-17 Hz at max. 4 bareff, depending on pressure.

The MASTERPULS® ONE packs a big punch. It can treat all the same indications as our other shockwave machines, just in a smaller package.

Typical treatments include plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee), trigger point therapy, tibial stress syndrome (shin splints), and more!

The Sparrow™ Safety Difference

The newly developed Sparrow™ radial handpiece dramatically reduces handpiece vibrations. As a result, the MPONE is approved for operation for far longer than a working day.

This is longer than many other radial pressure wave systems on the market!

With a lightweight design and ergonomic shape, the Sparrow™ handpiece ensures effortless handling and treatment with minimal costs. The handpiece can also be serviced directly by the user.

Discover the MPONE Today

The MASTERPULS® ONE is a great addition to any clinic, whether you are looking for your first shockwave device or an add-on.

It creates more revenue opportunities with more versatility at a lower price point — win-win-win.

Discover the MPONE for yourself. Contact us to learn more or set up a demo. Call 1 (888) 741-SHOC(7462) or visit