The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP100 is the industry leading solution for practitioners looking to enhance their practice with an advanced physiotherapy machine that can treat musculoskeletal issues such as tendinopathy, lateral epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, and more. Shockwave therapy accelerates the body’s healing process by sending acoustic sound waves to a targeted area, increasing metabolism and blood circulation.

Weighing approximately 10 kilograms with 426 x 144 x 340 mm dimensions, the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP100 is both powerful and mobile, so practitioners can treat patients where it’s most convenient.

All important controls are integrated into the FALCON™ handpiece, enabling practitioners to effortlessly treat challenging areas uninterrupted. In addition to the control buttons, the handpiece’s »Skin Touch« sensor allows users to trigger pulses by exerting slight pressure on the patient’s skin.

Practitioners can also take advantage of the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP100’s multiple transmitters, bringing versatility to treatments. The handpiece can be fitted with 19 different transmitters, including nine radial transmitters, ideal for tendinopathies, heel and shoulder pain, and myofascial trigger points; four PERI-ACTOR® fascia transmitters to adapt to individual fascia structures; three differently sized SPINE-ACTOR® transmitters so the paravertebral muscles of the entire spine in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar zones can be optimally reached; and finally, three additional special transmitters.

The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP100 can also connect with an optional 10” touch screen panel via USB. On top of additional device control, it also includes a patient management system, as well as therapeutic settings advised by experienced users, accompanied by videos and photographs.

Aided by detailed definitions and facts, the user can dive deep into muscular structures as well as the macroscopic and microscopic levels of the human body using the integrated Visible Body® program. Muscle motions, pathologies, and disorders can all be visualized using freely mobile and rotational 3D models.

Shockwave Canada is the exclusive distributor of Storz shockwave therapy machines, including the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP100. If you would like to learn more about how this physiotherapy machine can enhance your practice call 1 (888) 741-SHOC(7462) or visit our website.