Physiotherapists have been using shockwave therapy machines to great effect for plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and jumper’s knee . In addition to offering customizable marketing material, here are some physiotherapy marketing tips when introducing shockwave therapy.

Something new to talk about

In the four decades since shockwave therapy was originally developed to disintegrate urinary stones four, there has been remarkable expanding its applications. Shockwave therapy has been growing in popularity as a drug-free, non-invasive treatment option for many issues.

Many patients may not be aware shockwave therapy could be right for them. Engaging with your patients about the features and benefits of shockwave technology is a great way to open possibilities for treatment options.

Target niche business

The feasibility for the shockwave therapy market has greatly improved as the technology has become increasingly more cost effective. Shockwave therapy machines have come a long way since the original high-energy devices that weighed 200 kilograms and cost $400,000. Now, machines cost a fraction of that price and are as small as a microwave.

Most treatments last four minutes and most patients only need three treatments, each one week apart, allowing physiotherapists to see and heal more patients.

Target specific referral business

Investing in a shockwave therapy machine will set your practice apart from your competitors. Your practice will be positioned to target patients who are referred by their physician to receive shockwave therapy.

In Ontario alone, primary care practitioners are presented with thousands of musculoskeletal conditions each year, which shockwave therapy has proven to effectively treat. Become a leader in your field by providing care for these patients.

Optimize promotions for a new keyword category

However, just because you have a shockwave therapy machine at your practice, doesn’t mean potential patients will know it’s there. In this new digital age, it’s important to rank high in search engine results otherwise your website and promotions will go unvisited.

According to Google Trends, “shockwave therapy” has been treading upwards in searches since 2014. People are curious about shockwave therapy technology and are actively researching it. Optimizing online promotions around trending keywords related to shockwave therapy will enable your practice to take advantage of its growing popularity.

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