Shockwave therapy now offers treatment for surgical conditions that once could only be treated with surgery. This therapy treatment is widely used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, and sports medicine, providing fast pain relief and mobility restoration. By stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and improving blood circulation, damaged tissue gradually regenerates and heals so your patients can spend more time doing activities without being in pain. Best of all, its effectiveness can be felt almost immediately, and many patients experience pain reduction or even become pain-free after just 2-3 sessions.

An Overview of the Masterpuls Series for Shockwave Therapy

The Masterpuls series, comprising the MP50, MP100, and MP200 models, offers doctors a spectrum of options to cater to their specific medical requirements. They’re unique because of their compact dimensions, high reliability, and low maintenance costs. However, each model is different than the other, and choosing the most suitable machine is ideal for addressing patients’ medical needs, enhancing outcomes, and boosting practice revenue. The Masterpuls device shockwaves are applied via a light handpiece where all the necessary operating controls are integrated into the targeted area to penetrate the tissues and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes for safer and more efficient usability. This makes it easier for medical professionals to make necessary changes without having to interrupt the treatment. Each machine also includes customizable operations, additional device control and advanced therapeutic settings for improved shockwave impact.

MP50: Lightweight and Compact

This compact and lightweight device is perfect for those who want to incorporate shockwave therapy into their practice without making a significant upfront investment. Its radial shockwave technology efficiently treats major joints and soft tissue injuries with precision. The device’s design, adjustable energy levels, mobility, compact and lightweight structure make it a versatile tool for expanding treatment options. The MP50 is the most lightweight and cost-effective machine among the others. The MP50’s design is exceptional as all the necessary operating controls are integrated into the exclusive handpiece control technology that offers all important control elements, allowing therapists to adjust for different conditions.

MP100: Power Meets Portability

This shockwave device is ideal for practitioners looking to enhance their practice with an advanced physiotherapy machine that can treat musculoskeletal issues such as tendinopathy, lateral epicondylitis, and plantar fasciitis, as well as soft tissue injuries. Its non-invasive capabilities and mobility facilitate treatments at convenient locations. The device’s handpiece integrates all the important controls, ensuring seamless treatment in challenging areas and enabling pulse triggering through slight pressure on the patient’s skin. Featuring attachment options from transmitter heads, this device improves treatment versatility and effectiveness across different conditions. Utilizing the 10” touch screen panel, doctors can look into muscular structures, as well as the macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the human body.

MP200: Maximum Power and Cupping Technology

MP200 offers more capabilities than any other shockwave therapy device – it brings cupping therapy, shockwave therapy, and vibration therapy together in one single device. This makes treatment even more comfortable for the patients and can open up new indications for radial pressure wave therapy. With its handpiece featuring active tip control, frequency and energy levels, the number of shocks applied can be adjusted directly. Notably, it introduces cupping therapy through vacuum generation, aiding in muscle and tissue relaxation. The MP200 triple technology device enables practitioners to perform radial pressure wave therapy multiple times per day without causing stress to their bodies. Also, it is the only shockwave therapy machine designed to work with the exclusive VACU-Cups for cupping therapy.

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