Clinicians, are you on the fence about implanting shockwave therapy in your practice due to lack of training? Or maybe you’re unsure of how to effectively market shockwave therapy at your practice. Whatever your concern, Shockwave Canada is here to help. We support your marketing and professional development needs by providing both marketing materials and comprehensive training/education.

At Shockwave Canada, we guarantee healthcare practitioners nothing but the best in equipment and service.  This is why we not only provide top of the line shockwave therapy machines, but we also provide our customers with marketing assistance. Some of our free marketing material includes marketing videos that you can use on your website and customized pamphlets promoting shockwave therapy at your clinic.

Apart from marketing material, Shockwave Canada provides access to shockwave therapy training materials. This way, clinicians can continue to learn about shockwave technology, best practices, and the latest news and updates. Afterall, being well-versed in the use of shockwave therapy allows you to use this technology most effectively for both your patients and your clinic.

Clinicians are provided with everything they need to implement shockwave technology into their practice along with 24/7 medical support. In fact, Shockwave Canada offers exclusive access to a selection of world-renowned health care advisors at no charge.

Our Shockwave Canada protocols help practitioners achieve a positive return on investment in a short period of time. Perhaps this is why we have never had a machine returned.

Shockwave therapy is an innovative technology used to accelerate the healing process in the body. This is achieved by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. Patients who receive shockwave therapy experience a high rate of success regardless of the issue being treated.

Clinicians who implement this technology into their practice also benefit from this technology. One such clinician is Albert Chan of Elevation Physiotherapy in Edmonton, Alberta.

“After a year of using shockwave, our team and patient feedback has been very positive and, overall, its inclusion into our comprehensive rehab program has improved our patient outcomes,” stated Chan.

Chan added that this treatment has been “immensely worthwhile” for patients with particularly stubborn conditions.

Darren Chuang, Physiotherapist/Clinic Director at pT Health in Richmond, British Columbia, is equally enthusiastic about his clinic’s use of shockwave therapy.

“Having shockwave therapy definitely is an advantage in terms of treatment results and also an attraction to the public, since people are usually looking for new treatment options,” said Chuang.

At Shockwave Canada, we have an exclusive online portal dedicated to enhancing your clinic’s marketing and professional development needs. We also offer a variety of Storz Shockwave Therapy Machines. This includes the MASTERPULS® ONE, MASTERPULS® 50, MASTERPULS® 100 and the MASTERPULS® 200. Machines can be leased or owned, depending on your specific needs.

Investing in shockwave therapy is an investment in the future of your clinic. Implementing this non-invasive, highly effective, innovative technology will not only improve your patients’ experience but also enhance your profitability. We set you up for success at Shockwave Canada.

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