Researchers estimate erectile dysfunction affect approximately three million Canadian men over the age of forty. Erectile dysfunction can significantly damage the quality of life of sufferers and their partners. Shockwave therapy for ED treatment offers a drug-free, non-invasive solution.

Erections need sufficient blood supply, and anything that limits blood flow to the penis, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, can lead to erectile dysfunction. Current non-surgical options for erectile dysfunction mostly include taking oral medications. However, while these tend to be effective and safe, they do not address the underlying pathophysiology of the erectile mechanism.

Also, these pills are limited by the timeframe in which they’re taken. Men will usually take one before a sexual act and must plan around the on-set of benefits and how long they’ll last. This hinders normal, spontaneous desire and sexual activity.

Shockwave therapy is a scientifically proven treatment to help heal bone fractures and damaged or inflamed tendons and ligaments. Recently, it has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction with low-intensity extracorporeal shockwaves.

When applied to an organ, these relatively weak yet focused acoustic waves induce a cascade of biological reactions, releasing angiogenic factors that trigger neovascularization of the tissue with subsequent improvement of blood flow. To treat erectile dysfunction, a physician uses a wand-like device to deliver low-intensive shockwaves to the penis.

A recent meta-analysis from the International Journal of Importance Research of ten randomized controlled trials involving nearly 900 men concluded that low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy “significantly improves erectile function in patients” with erectile dysfunction.

A paper in the Therapeutic Advances in Urology described low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy as “a revolutionary treatment” of erectile dysfunction “that may create a new standard of care.” The paper highlights shockwave therapy’s curative and restorative affects, eliminating the need for additional pharmacotherapy. Because patients report no pain or adverse effects, shockwave therapy can become an alternative or enhancement to current erectile dysfunction treatments.

The most exciting benefit of shockwave therapy for ED treatment is that it offers long-term benefits. Following a complete treatment cycle, patients can expect to sustain the results for an entire year. And because shockwave therapy treats the underlying issue of poor blood flow, patients will no longer be bound by the limitations of oral medications and can enjoy spontaneous, unplanned sexual activity.

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