The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 is the only shockwave therapy machine in the world that offers cupping therapy, shockwave therapy, and vibration therapy all in one device. No other shockwave therapy machine on the market can boast this triple technology, making the MP200 the most versatile and comprehensive device available.


Handmade in Switzerland, the MASTERPULS® is characterized by its compact dimensions, high reliability, low maintenance costs, and its silent on-board »Air Power« drive. VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy complements the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200’s radial pressure wave therapy and V-ACTOR® »HF« vibration therapy.

All important control elements are integrated into the ergonomically designed FALCON® handpiece display, facilitating effortless, uninterrupted treatment directly at the patient. Frequency, energy levels, and the total number of applied pulses can be adjusted directly via selector buttons. In addition, the handpiece’s »Skin Touch« sensor makes it is possible to trigger pulses by exerting slight pressure on the skin.


The FALCON® offers a variety of transmitters to treat a range of issues.

The radial transmitters have been used successfully for many years in the treatment of all typical pressure wave indications, such as tendinopathies, heel and shoulder pain, and myofascial trigger points.

The four PERI-ACTOR® transmitters have been developed especially for fascia treatment. The »knuckle«, »scoop«, »sphere«, and »scraper« versions can adapt treatment to the individual fascia structure. Thanks to the special shapes of the transmitters, it is possible to dissolve clots in the fasciae as well as to prevent and eliminate pain.

The three differently sized SPINE-ACTOR® transmitters make special treatments in the paravertebral region possible. Owing to the forked »Double Tip« shape of the transmitters, the paravertebral muscles of the entire spine in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar zones can be optimally reached.

Storz Tablet

This ten-inch touchscreen panel connects to the shockwave therapy machine with a USB cable. Apart from additional device controls, it offers a patient management system as well as treatment parameters recommended by experienced users, supported by videos and images.

The integrated Visible Body software allows the user to immerge deeply into muscular structures as well as the macroscopic and microscopic levels of the human body with detailed definitions and information. Freely moveable and rotatable 3D models allow the visualization of muscle movements, pathologies, and diseases, enabling sophisticated insights into patients’ conditions for practitioners.

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