Shockwave therapy is a highly effective — and lucrative — addition to any chiropractic clinic! It provides major results for both your patients and your practice.

Today on the blog, we’re sharing seven reasons why chiropractic clinics should integrate shockwave therapy technology. Read on to discover why it’s a must-have.

  1. Science

The science proves it — shockwave therapy is effective. Certain indications, like calcific tendonitis of the shoulder, show improvements of 91% in double-blind, randomized control studies.

But that’s not the only way science proves shockwave therapy should be part of your practice. The science is also growing. When shockwave therapy was first introduced in 1980, it was primarily to break up kidney stones. Now, however, the treatment options have expanded thanks to scientific research and development.

Along with those expansions, we’ve also received exciting innovations for shockwave therapy — including radial shockwave treatment and accessories, like vacuum cupping therapy. Even now studies are in the works about the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for other conditions, such as Alzheimer’s.

As the science grows, the application and effectiveness of shockwave therapy will grow with it. And that’s already happening. Reason number one why your chiropractic clinic should adopt shockwave technology sooner rather than later!

  1. Wide Range of Indications

Because it is so effective and so versatile, shockwave therapy can treat a wide range of indications.

These include some of the most common ailments there are, like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, trigger points, jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, hamstring pain, and much, much more. It can go even further by healing non-unions and stress fractures.

Professions that benefit from shockwave therapy include orthopedics, aesthetics (like wrinkles and cellulite), dermatology, veterinarians, urologists, and more.

From desk jockeys, to those on their feet all day, to professional athletes, to musicians affected by arthritis, shockwave therapy provides something for everyone. And what’s perhaps most exciting about it is that shockwave often works best where other treatments have been ineffective.

The contraindications for shockwave therapy include existing cancer, those with pacemakers, and pregnancy.

  1. Non-Invasive

Shockwave therapy reduces pain, increases circulation and metabolism, stimulates bone growth, dissolves calcium deposits, and more — all while being non-invasive.

With shockwave therapy, patients avoid the need for surgery, steroids, anesthetics, and costly recovery time.

It also has a regenerative effect. Patients often return to health sooner and stronger than they were before the injury.

  1. Standard of Care

For an effective treatment, shockwave therapy can be accomplished in surprisingly little time.

On average, it takes only three sessions spaced a week apart and four minutes per session to achieve results — with no local anesthetic.

There aren’t any significant side effects, making it efficient and convenient for both your patients and your clinic!

With a machine from Shockwave Canada, shockwave therapy is also easy to apply. All of our controls are on the handpiece, so you don’t have to look away from the patient during care.

It’s also compatible with other treatments, such as physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and more.

  1. Studies

As mentioned, the science backs up the effectiveness of shockwave therapy. Clinical studies have proven improvements between 76 to 91% in many indications.

In sports medicine, studies have shown shockwave to be effective for both chronic and acute injuries, including overuse. In treatment of tendinopathies, athletes can get back to training much faster than with surgery or rest alone.

It’s also proven particularly effective for plantar fasciitis treatment, which about one million people annually seek treatment for. Clinical studies have shown a significant difference in the thickness of fascia and significant pain reductions.

For more robust research, see an article Dr. Robert Gordon of Shockwave Canada wrote recently for Canadian Chiropractor:

  1. Economical

Shockwave therapy is affordable and offers a high return on investment. It can set you apart from your competitors.

A shockwave therapy machine from Shockwave Canada is particularly economical as we have low-to-no maintenance costs, flexible financing options, and few operational limitations, meaning you can use it for longer on more patients.

Our newest machine, the MASTERPULS® ONE, only costs about $150 per month to lease and can be taken with you on the go. Our larger machines come at higher price points, but they also provide more treatment options and revenue streams for your clinic.

  1. Practice Longer

Shockwave therapy allows practitioners to stay in business longer!

Ironically, physical therapy and massage can be stressful on practitioner’s bodies. This can limit how many patients you can see per day and require more clinic resources to maintain patient load.

However, shockwave therapy can alleviate that.

The ergonomics of the right shockwave therapy machine saves your hands and your body, so you can continue treating patients for longer each day and in your career.

Bonus reason: It makes you and your patients happy!

Are you ready to integrate shockwave therapy into your chiropractic clinic? We can help! Shockwave Canada is one of the most trusted brands in Canada, offering handmade Swiss shockwave therapy machines from Storz Medical.

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