Investing in a shockwave therapy machine is just that — an investment — but for a clinic on a budget it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how long it will take to pay off the shockwave therapy machine price.

Your practice is a business, and just like any business, return on investment (ROI) is an important consideration. We’re here to show you what type of ROI other clients have seen from their machines and how you can incorporate their methods into your own practice.

How to Make Your Shockwave Machine Purchase More Affordable

  1. Evaluate Manufacturers

There are many shockwave therapy manufacturers on the market, and when evaluating your options, you might be wondering which one is best.

In making your decision, consider the quality of your purchase. For instance, certain shockwave therapy device providers have wildly different quality even though they may be at the same price point.

We can only speak to the quality of our own machines, manufactured by Storz Medical. They are Swiss-made and rigorously researched, developed, and tested.

At Shockwave Canada, we have never had a machine returned or taken off lease. In fact, over our years in business, only one of our devices has ever been resold and that was because it was a divorce — and the two formerly married practitioners were fighting over it. They couldn’t agree who got the machine, so they compromised by selling.

When evaluating manufacturers, ask where the machine is made and where the parts it’s made of come from.

  1. Consider Operation Limits

Another important distinction for your ROI is limits to their operations from manufacturers.

Certain shockwave machines can only be operated safely for a limited amount of time. This can affect how long you can use the machine continuously and how many patients you can treat in a day.

By choosing a machine without usage limits, you can fit more patients into your schedule without causing your body undue stress — and fit more revenue into your bottom line.

  1. Factor in Maintenance Costs

Like operation limits, different manufacturers have different maintenance costs as you use the machine. While the purchase price of the machine is important, you should also think about how much it will cost you long-term.

How long will the handpiece last, for example? Do you have to send away for new parts (meaning you won’t be able to use your machine while you wait for them to arrive)?

Again, we can only speak to the shockwave machines from Shockwave Canada, but our maintenance costs are minimal, and the user can service them at their office.

  1. Choose Your Shockwave Machine Wisely

There are many shapes and sizes of shockwave therapy machines available even within manufacturers.

At Shockwave Canada, for instance, we offer a range from the MASTERPULS® ONE  to the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200.

Clinics looking for an affordable entry point to shockwave therapy might consider the smaller, but still powerful, MPONE versus a more expensive machine with all the bells and whistles.

That said, don’t discount the bells and whistles entirely. They can add even more revenue opportunities for your business, increasing your ROI.

For example, the MP200 is compatible with V-ACTOR® technology from Storz, which adds a vacuum cupping therapy accessory option.

  1. Ask About Financing

At Shockwave Canada, we provide options for purchasing or leasing our machines, giving clinics of every size an option in their budget.

If you’re questioning the ROI, why not lease a machine and see how it works out for your practice?

When you lease the MPONE, for example, the payments work out to about $150 per month.

  1. Consider the Costs of Not Adopting Shockwave Technology…

While a shockwave therapy machine is an investment, what is the cost of not investing?

That figure could depend on the competition.

We had one chiropractor from Stoney Creek buy a machine — then suddenly the other chiropractors in the same neighbourhood began losing patients… So, they all bought a machine as well!

Shockwave is rising in popularity among consumers and if your competition already has it, you might be falling behind. Conversely, if your competition doesn’t offer shockwave, you could be the one to lead the charge and keep ahead of the crowd.

  1. Marketing Matters

Part of optimizing your ROI is, of course, spreading the word. People need to know you have shockwave therapy to offer to take advantage of it! At Shockwave Canada, we provide assistance there, too.

Our clients receive customized marketing material and social media campaign support, access to a library of professional images, and their own Shockwave Canada marketing liaison.

We offer support every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best return possible.

Shockwave Canada offers flexible payment options for each of our devices. Get in touch today for our shockwave therapy machine prices, ROI calculations, and beyond.

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