Which shockwave therapy machine is best for your clinic?

It’s one of the number one questions that we get. With so many styles, types, and sizes it can be difficult to decide.

Struggle no more! Here is your guide for narrowing down your choices.

MASTERPULS® Ultra Series

At Shockwave Canada, we distribute the MASTERPULS® Ultra series and MASTERPULS® ONE from Storz Medical.

These devices stand out because of their technological innovations, reliability, and precision. They’re also safe to use for longer periods of time, so clinicians can earn more revenue without sacrificing their ergonomic health.

The MASTERPULS® devices are also known for their versatility. They treat a wide range of indications, from myofascial trigger points, to plantar fasciitis, to low back pain, hamstring tendinopathies, stress fractures, frozen shoulder, and much more.

See the full list of indications.

A MASTERPULS® machine is a great choice for nearly every practitioner.

However, within the MASTERPULS® series, there are different shockwave therapy machines to choose from. These include:

  • The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50
  • The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP100
  • The MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200

Not sure which machine to choose? You’re not alone! Read on for how to decide…


Who it’s for: massage therapists, home visits, on-the-go treatments

This is the smallest machine available from Storz Medical, and the most affordable.

The MPONE is a great machine for smaller practices or individual practitioners with a limited budget, such as a registered massage therapist (RMT). It’s also ideal for professionals who want to take their shockwave machine on the go — such as athletic trainers heading out to the field, physiotherapists or RMTs conducting home visits, or veterinarians.

It helps practitioners practice longer too, as it is ergonomically designed for long use. Plus, it can save your hands and body from the stress of manual therapy, so you can practice longer and treat more patients, if desired.


Who it’s for: small clinics, those looking for a starter shockwave therapy device

The first in the Ultra line, the MP50, offers our best technology in a smaller package.

This is ideal for clinics or practitioners wanting to try out shockwave on a budget, while still having the option to upgrade accessories in the future. It’s also ideal for practitioners that tend to treat a certain area of the body — for example, podiatrists — versus those who treat a wider range of indications.

The MP50 offers a maximum 4 bareff pressure with a frequency of 1 – 17 Hz, depending on the pressure. If the optional V-ACTOR® handpiece is added, the frequency increases to 1 – 21 Hz.

However, for practitioners who are leaning towards the V-ACTOR®, now or for future use, we recommend looking at the MP100.


Who it’s for: mid-sized to large clinics wanting to upgrade to the V-ACTOR® handpiece in the future

For bigger clinics, or those treating more tendinopathies, you might consider the MP100.

While the V-ACTOR® shockwave accessory works with the MP50, MP100, and MP200, for practitioners trying to decide between the MP50 and MP100 and considering V-ACTOR®, the MP100 is the better investment.

The MP100 packs a bit more power than the MP50, and as such the V-ACTOR® handpiece is more effective. Because it packs more power, the MP100 is also effective for clinics treating a range of tendinopathies, such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor. It offers the majority of the bells and whistles.

The MP100 has a maximum pressure of 5 bareff and a frequency of 1 – 21 Hz, depending on the pressure. With the optional V-ACTOR® handpiece, that frequency increases to 1 – 50 Hz.


Who it’s for: large clinics treating many indications; practitioners who want to use VACU-ACTOR® cupping technology

If you’re looking for the power of triple technology, the MP200 is the machine for you.

It’s the deluxe model of the MASTERPULS® Ultra line, offering the most power and accessory options.

The MP200 is the only MASTERPULS® machine that works with the VACU-ACTOR® vacuum cupping system. Do you want to offer cupping therapy? Look no further.

The MP200 offers a maximum 5 bareff pressure and a frequency of 1 – 21 Hz. If the optional V-ACTOR® handpiece is added, the frequency increases to 1 – 50 Hz.

In Summary

  • The MPONE is a great starter shockwave machine or for clinics looking for home use.
  • The MP50 is a great choice for smaller practitioners who don’t plan on using the V-ACTOR® handpiece now or in the future for treating myofascial pain and trigger points.
  • The MP100 is a powerful all-around machine for clinics of any size.
  • The MP200 is for clinics of any size looking to offer vacuum cupping therapy, in conjunction with shockwave therapy.

Have questions? We’d be happy to answer them. We’ve helped many clinics decide which shockwave therapy machine is right for them and we can do the same for you.

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