Any healthcare practitioner can benefit from using shockwave therapy in their daily practice – chiropractors, podiatrists, chiropodists, veterinarians, horse trainers, physiotherapists, and more.

Many people may not know the benefits of shockwave therapy can also be provided by massage therapists in their clinics.

Patients suffering from rotator cuff tendinopathy, tennis elbow, hamstring tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions can benefit from massages.

A massage aims to reduce pain by increasing blood flow and disturbing the pain signals sent to the brain. It helps work out any knots and trigger points in overworked muscles and connective tissues to reduce inflammation and encourage the body to heal faster.

Shockwave therapy for massage therapy is a great tool for making the healing process faster and smoother for patients.

Instead of relying on massaging with hands, shockwave therapy for massage therapy uses machines to disperse acoustic sound waves throughout the injury or treatment site.

The sound waves will deliver micro-trauma to the treatment site, starting the body’s natural healing process. It also helps break down any scar tissues and knots and promote cell and collagen growth to relieve joint pain and heal injuries.

Shockwave therapy for massage therapy provides long-term benefits for patients.

There is almost always an immediate significant decrease in pain after the first treatment, and the pain continuously diminishes.

Whether your patients need relief from the stress they put on their bodies or want to improve their mobility, shockwave therapy can help.

Shockwave therapy enables registered massage therapists to practice longer because they aren’t relying on their hands and shoulders to deliver treatment.

With the shockwave therapy machines from Shockwave Canada, a distributor of the Storz Medical shockwave machines, massage therapists have complete control over the pressure and application during each treatment.

The MASTERPULS® line comes with many optional accessories that can treat specific conditions and different body areas.

The V-ACTOR® Handpiece, for example, offers vibration technology for the treatment of large muscles areas and specific muscle points. It’s perfect for tissue massages and muscle soothing to provide healing and relief to patients.

The ergonomics of our shockwave therapy machines mean you can provide massage therapy without stressing your hands and body, enabling you to treat more patients comfortably and bring in more revenue.

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