Physiotherapy practices are increasingly adding shockwave therapy to their range of offerings.

… but why is this so?

Here are the benefits shockwave therapy brings for physiotherapists.

Highly Effective

Shockwave therapy is extremely effective. It speeds up the body’s natural healing processes by stimulating metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to the damaged tissue.

The technology is also backed by science. A number of double-blind, randomized studies prove the effectiveness of shockwave therapy. In fact, according to clinical studies, shockwave technology reports a 91% success rate.

To explore medical literature and compare the results of the therapy with other forms of treatment, you can access some studies here.

Quick and Non-Invasive Treatment

It’s a non-invasive treatment that provides significant pain relief and helps patients regain mobility in shorter timeframes. It is a versatile form of therapy that can treat different conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis and jumper’s knee to tendonitis and frozen shoulder.

Additionally, a shockwave therapy session can be as short as 7 minutes and usually most patients require about three-to-six sessions.

Another advantage is that it is covered by third-party insurance providers.

Enables Agility

In addition to providing a range of benefits for the patient, shockwave therapy opens up revenue streams for physiotherapy practices.

Especially during times like these, where customer requirements have evolved, shockwave technology can enable your practice to be agile and scalable.

By using technologically advanced machines alongside manual therapy, you can effectively and quickly treat a number of conditions including tendinopathies, fasciitis, and muscle injuries.

Additionally, care doesn’t have to be limited to clinics and centers anymore. Portable equipment that is advanced and lightweight can help you carry out in-home visits quickly and efficiently.

Easy on Your Hands

Providing therapy can put strain on your hands, shoulders, and back. As physiotherapy takes time and requires significant effort, there is a limit to the number of patients you can see per day.

To increase that number, you’d probably require more clinical resources.

Shockwave therapy can help here. It not only allows you to provide care to more patients but the ergonomics of the right shockwave therapy machine can even save your hands and your body.

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