When it comes to sports – knee and hamstring injuries are quite common.

Though, today athletes have tighter timelines than ever before. With a busy schedule of tournaments and international leagues, athletes have to focus on staying physically fit.

This is where shockwave therapy comes in.

It not only treats injuries but also enhances performance naturally.

This is why its adoption in the world of sports medicine has increased drastically. Sports medicine specialists use shockwave therapy to treat common injuries including:

  • Hamstring tendonitis;
  • Achilles tendonitis;
  • Plantar fasciitis;
  • Tennis elbow;
  • Jumper’s knee;
  • And more.

Studies confirm the effectiveness of shockwave therapy

Studies have shown that shockwave therapies are effective in treating sports injuries.

A study, for instance, examined the impact of shockwave therapy on chronic proximal hamstring tendinopathy in professional athletes.

40 professional athletes with chronic proximal hamstring tendinopathy were enrolled and were randomly assigned to receive either shockwave therapy or traditional conservative treatments.

At 3 months after treatment, 17 of the 20 patients (85%) in the shockwave therapy group and 2 of the 20 patients (10%) in the traditional conservative treatments group achieved a reduction of at least 50% in pain.

Relied upon by many

Sports physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other professionals use shockwave therapy machines for sports therapy across the world.

In fact, numerous NHL, NBA, and NFL teams provide shockwave therapy to their athletes by leveraging Storz Medical machines.

Additionally, today, advanced, portable machines have made it possible to provide shockwave therapy anywhere – even at sports arenas or at home. MASTERPULS® ONE’s light-weight design and ergonomic shape, for instance, ensure effortless handling and treatment anywhere.

Helps improve performance

Shockwave therapy has gained popularity when it comes to athletic performance because it enhances blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue and stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

By doing so, it plays an important role in improving physical fitness and reduces chances of future injuries.

A study titled ‘Extracorporeal shockwave therapy on muscle tissue: the effects on healthy athletes’ investigated the effects of shockwave therapy on young athletes.

In the study, thirty-two football and baseball players were split into two groups and each group underwent three sessions of therapy every five days to their thigh muscles – one group received shockwave and the other received a placebo.

At the one-month follow-up mark, the shockwave treated athletes showed a significant increase in elasticity and muscular tone.

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